Update on the Woodstock Museum and Then Some Harsh Words By John McCain

Oh, sweet reader, how this writer missed you. He’s sorry that he had to go away for those few short days, but you know what they say, “If you love something, let it go. If you return on Tuesday, it’ll probably have returned from Scranton and be back to blogging on a regular schedule” (amazing but true: that saying was written in 1856). We start by picking up where we left off. First, comes a letter from reader Rich Klein, who took issue with our post about trying to fund the building of the Woodstock Museum in NY:

Your blog is wrong. Woodstock was held in Bethel, NY, not Woodstock, NY. And the museum would be on the site of Woodstock on the grounds of Bethel Woods. For more about the other side of the story, please read here.

We apologize the error and we’re glad that Rich didn’t make us feel badly about our mean spirited post on Thursday. We’re hoping it’s because he saw that we weren’t picking on the building of the museum itself, but the fact that they were after federal funding of it, given the amount of potential investors who must be out there (if you can build a $27 million dollar crazy fest Creation Museum with private funding, anything is possible). Though we think we said it a lot better than John McCain, who is already using this story against Hillary Clinton:

Looks like there’s an editor out there who cut his teeth on Time Life compilation album tv promos, eh?