Until Next Week’s Scandal…

Somehow this little snapshot from Hotline’s Last Call! sums up everything right, wrong and screwed up about Red America-gate and the blogosphere in general.

A parting thought:

Many have been quick to point out that, hey, let’s leave the poor young kid alone. Everyone’s made mistakes. Especially at such a young age. And when you read some of the obnoxious attacks against Domenech (i.e. “I wish your mother had aborted you”) it’s hard not to sympathize with that point of view, even if you agree that Domenech was wrong for plagiarizing and that Post.com was right to let him go.

Were we to grant that point, there’s still a much larger issue at stake here and one that will likely resonate into next week:

How the hell did the Post let him in in the first place? How weak are their employee screenings? Who else have they let in that may also have ghosts in their closet? And how do these mistakes (seemingly continue) to occur at one of the nation’s top news organizations?

It may turn out that the Post may emerge from this “scandal” more bruised and battered that Domenech (which is saying something).

Perhaps Atrios put it best:

Until next time…