‘Unprofessional’: Ex-Timesman Bernie Weinraub Fires Back At Times After Scathing Review

Former New York Times Hollywood reporter Bernie Weinraub is furious over a scathing review of his new Off-Broadway play, the Accomplices, by a Times freelancer.

“The reviews keep coming in, virtually of them good to excellent,” Weinraub tells his “close friend” Nikki Finke. “Sure, some of them point out flaws in the play. And frankly I agree with their observations. But this New York Times review is so out of left field. It’s unprofessional and unworthy of the New York Times … It would be one thing if everybody disliked the play, or even the majority of the critics disliked the play. But the only bad review came from only this freelancer who seems to have his own agenda as he wrote what can only be called a diatribe.”

The play, which opened Monday at the Acorn Theater and continues through May 5, was reviewed by the Village Voice‘s David Ng.

It seems rude, even sacrilegious, to fault a Holocaust drama for failing to entertain. Most of us don’t associate genocide with a fun night at the theater after all. But neither should we be expected to endure a mind-numbing history lesson. “The Accomplices,” which opened last night at the Acorn Theater, is a soporific lecture of a play. If humorlessness were the measure of good art, it could rank among the best productions of the year.

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