University of Wyoming Journalism School Unlikely to Replace Retiring LAT Alum

George Gladney, a financial reporter with the LA Times in the 1970s, segued to academia in 1991 after stints with a pair of newspapers in Colorado Springs and a job as managing editor of the Jackson Hole News. This December, he will be retiring from the only professorial position he has held since going back to school to earn his Master’s and Ph.D.

Per a warm write-up in the Laramie Boomerang, Gladney’s pre-University of Wyoming Communication and Journalism career dates back to the days of typewriters and giant LAT printing presses. He tells reporter Eve Neiman that the professional key today remains the same as it was when he was in the trenches; get it right:

Conrad Smith, another professor in the Communication and Journalism Department, said Gladney’s professional background set him apart in the department. “I feel that in journalism, academic experience is overvalued and real-world experience is undervalued,” Smith said. “He brings a real reporter’s mindset to the classroom.”

[…] With UW facing a six percent cut in its operations budget next year, retiring employees will be replaced slowly, Smith said. “We will probably not get authorization to hire someone to replace George’s position. I think it’s very unlikely,” Smith said. “His experience and skill will be something we no longer have. I’m sorry to see him go.”

Gladney tought abroad in Warsaw for a year in 2005 and has since traveled quite extensively, lecturing on the First Amendment. He is currently in Kazakhstan teaching at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and will be a visiting professor later this summer at Shanghai University. Read the full Boomerange article here.