Gallaudet University Releases Sign Language Storybook App

The Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2) at Gallaudet University has created a series of iPad apps aimed at teaching children American Sign Language in a bilingual storybook.

The series is designed to help children with difficulty hearing learn how to read American Sign Language and English.The first book in the series of three is called The Baobab. It follows a curious little girl on an adventure and features an American Sign Language glossary with 170 English to ASL words.

Melissa Malzkuhn, VL2’s digital innovation and media strategies manager, spoke to The Digital Journal about the apps. She told them that the apps are aimed at kids, “Four and up, or you can say four-to-seven years old, as in early and emerging readers. In our focus groups, we had children as young as two years old enjoy the storybook app, and in some instances, there were eight or nine month old babies trying to follow and mimic signs.”