Uncertainty at Time Inc. Leaves Some Worried

Despite rumors popping up every now and then, Time Inc. is still without a CEO nine months after Jack Griffin was fired. And since Jeffrey Bewkes said in July that none of the current trio is in line to take the top position, some staffers at Time Inc. are starting to get a little nervous about the void hurting the company in the long run.

The New York Post reports that the concerns center on the lack of a direction in the digital realm, and the worry that top level people will leave, or others will simply stay away. One insider explained, “Who is going to want to work for a company if it is not clear who your boss is or who your boss’s boss is going to be?”

The complaints are all valid, and it only puts more pressure on whoever is eventually tapped to take over. We wish that mystery person luck, because they’re definitely going to need it.