UnBeige 3.0’s Alissa Walker’s Advice on Saving Design Conferences


Our beloved former co-worker, Alissa Walker, has just put together a great piece over at her occasional stomping grounds, Core 77, offering up some advice: “Conventional Wisdom: Eight Ways to Save Design Conferences.” If there’s one thing Alissa knows, it’s design conferences. In her two years here at UnBeige, she always seemed to be coming or going to one somewhere in the world, and would offer up top secret feedback to we co-editors like “Wow, did that ever suck!” or “Wow, did that ever totally rule!” (little known fact: she also begins every sentence with “wow”). So if you’re a planner person for any of the bazillion conferences that go on each month, or you’ve come from one wondering what exactly was the problem or why it worked so well, trust in this piece to provide great clarity. So go forth and read. And if you happen to see Alissa at that next conference (and you will), make sure you remind her that she still owes us $10 for that sno-cone in Aspen.