‘Unbaby.Me’ – Browser Extension that Replaces Baby Pictures on Facebook with “Awesome Stuff” Going Viral

A more personal version of public relations occurs everyday on Facebook — we share ourselves and our lives with our “friends” one status update and one photo at a time. And if you’re in your twenties or thirties, your newsfeed is probably bursting at the seams with photos of engagement rings, wedding days, ultrasound pictures, baby bumps, and the smiling cherub faces of infants and toddlers. It’s enough to give an unmarried, childless twenty-something like myself a complex, no matter how genuinely happy I am for my friends’ joy — and I am, I swear! Well, if you find yourself in a similar boat of baby-picture-overload, fear not — there’s an app for that! Well, technically it’s a browser extension, but you know what I mean.

According to the Huffington Post, friends Chris Baker, Peter Marquis, and Yvonne Cheng had finally had it with the onslaught of baby pictures, and hired a programmer to “unbaby” their Facebook newsfeeds. The result was Unbaby.Me, a browser extension designed for Google Chrome that can replace your friends’ babies with “awesome stuff” like pictures of cats, sloths, bacon, or virtually whatever else you choose.

“For our age group, it’s a problem that’s a year or two old, and it’s just getting worse and worse,” Baker told the Huffington Post. “We just realized, if it was a problem for us three, it was probably a problem for 3,000.” Apparently, it’s a problem for far more than that. Unbaby.me reportedly received 2,000 likes in its first 30 minutes last Wednesday, and as of this morning it had received 49,000. If that sort of viral growth is any indicator, the “likes” will probably keep rolling in. “On Twitter people were saying we just fixed the Internet,” Baker said.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am about to post several photos of my day spent with a friend’s adorable baby boy, because I’m a hypocrite like that. But if you don’t care to see those pictures, you can now rejoice as you replace his sweet face with a muscle car.