UK's got its own MySpace Celebrity Channel – Scene Junkie

scenejunkie.jpgWant to be an instant MySpace celebrity? Scene Junkie may help you achieved that dream. A spin-off of MySpace’s celebrity channel, Scene Junkie is a haven for UK’s MySpace’s fans. Scene Junkie is a virtual spot where the most interesting people on MySpace congregate. From the glitziest film stars to the hottest properties in pop to the edgiest undiscovered talent who are showing off their taste for fashion, art, photography, film, writing, comedy and what-have-yous.Scene Junkie is a full-featured social networking channel. And here’s a rundown of what’s in store for you at Scene Junkie:

  • Scene Junkie blog – read other Scene Junkie’s blog entries, create your own blog.
  • Featured Scene Junkie – From scene icon Madonna, to scenester Sam Sparro (who is he?) to the newest on the scene, who calls himself Facehunter
  • Scene on the scene – you can send your photos with someone famous and you will be featured on Scene Junkie’s Seen on the Scene slideshow
  • Scene spotter – a geographical map representation of scenes you have seen around, whether you’ve spotted a celebrity, you’ve seen a new club venue
  • Live Photofeed – its pretty obvious what this feature all about. Yes folks, various celebrity photos on a slideshow at Scene Junkie


Want more? Check out Scene Junkie and see for yourself how cool the site actually is, including an uber cool pop culture site design.