UK Still Outpaces US in ‘Anti-Terrorism Through Better Design’


As reported on a while back here at UnBeige, the government in the UK seems to sort of “get” the idea of terrorism a little better than we do here in the US and understand that design is an important factor in keeping things safe. Such is once again reflected in this report by architect Barbara Nadel, who takes a look at what we’re doing here in America (largely spending billions and billions on preparedness for what goes on after an attack) and what they’re doing in the UK (getting the building industry and engineering and architecture schools involved and spending on education and infrastructure, with design and re-designing as the key focus). Nadel doesn’t really call out one as being better than the other, but the details sort of speak for themselves, leaning heavily toward those who work toward having plans to avoid acts of terrorism by designing better cities to those who just wait for an attack and then sweep up as best they can afterwards. Though, then again, Renzo Piano might not agree with this assertion in the slightest.