UK Police Name And Shame London Looters On Twitter

Manchester police have taken to Twitter to give the full names, birth dates, partial addresses, crimes, and jail time of the London looters who have been arrested.

As the New York Times reports, the Greater Manchester Police are using their Twitter account (@GMPolice) to publicly shame the perpetrators of crimes during the weekend’s riots.

Take a look at the following three tweets for an example of this swift, Twitter justice:

“Eoin Flanagan (born 01/01/1983), of Carson Road, Burnage, jailed for eight months for stealing clothes”

“Tom Skinkis (born 29/12/1988) of Hulme, Manchester, sentenced for four months for a section 4 public order offence.”

“Shelley Bishop (born 27/02/1973) of Leopold Street, Rochdale, sentenced to two months suspended for 12 months for drunk and disorderly”

They explain to a curious tweeter that they have to post the addresses and birth dates of the perps for legal reasons:

“legally bound to publish address and dates of birth so no-one of the same name can be misidentified as the culprit”

In addition to posting the details of those caught, the Manchester police tweeted a link to a Flickr gallery which has images of other looters that have yet to be identified, with a request for details from anyone who might have information.

Some (including UK Prime Minister David Cameron) have criticized Twitter and other social networks for allowing the looters and those performing violent acts during the riots to connect more easily with one another. However, it looks like the Manchester police still sees the good in Twitter, warning perps that they can’t get away with a crime for long in the world of instant information.