Ubuntu Moblin (Linux) Shipping w/Dell Mini 10v Soon

YouTube video courtesy of DellVlog

Yesterday, Dell’s @Dell_Mini Twitter account announced…

Developer version of Ubuntu Moblin coming for the @Dell_Mini 10v coming starting Sept 24th.

In the wee hours of September 24, the Mini 10v at…


…is still shipping with Ubuntu 8.04 (Standard Edition). I still haven’t figured out why Ubuntu is supporting the Moblin development effort given that Ubuntu has their own Ubuntu Netbook Remix edition which I think works very well (I’ve been using it since its release on an Acer Aspire One).

Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition Available on Dell’s Mini

I don’t know if Ubuntu Moblin resembles the stock Moblin 2.0 release. However, you can see what the non-Ubuntu Moblin release looks like in the video embedded above.

You can find a demo of Ubuntu Moblin on a Dell Mini 10v in the embedded video above.