UberMedia Announces $5.6 Million Raised In Latest Round Of Funding

UberMedia has just announced a $5.6 million investment from a German Internet investment company, Burda Digital. It looks like investors aren’t scared away from Twitter’s third-party developer community… yet.

Despite the lukewarm attitude that Twitter has been taking towards its developer community lately, UberMedia appears to have retained its position as a leading app developer (and possible competitor down the road). It owns some of the most popular Twitter clients, including Twidroyd, Echofon and UberSocial for Android, Blackberry and iPhone smartphones. According to the press release, UberMedia has over 5,000,000 users who currently tweet more than 200 times per second, which represents about 13% of Twitter’s total traffic.

UberMedia is also partnering with some of the bigger Twi-lebrities out there. They’ve created a 50 Cent themed Twitter client for Blackberry, and more recently partnered with Ashton Kutcher to create a desktop Twitter client.

As TechCrunch notes, today’s $5.6 million investment brings UberMedia’s total funding to $26.6 million. They speculate that this was more likely a strategic investment, as UberMedia had just raised over $17 million earlier this year.

UberMedia and Twitter have been on notoriously poor terms with one another for some time. Twitter had temporarily suspended one of UberMedia’s apps, Twidroyd, a few months ago, and rumor has it that Twitter purchased TweetDeck as a defensive move to prevent UberMedia from making its own TweetDeck acquisition move, rumors of which were swirling around the tech blogs in February.