U.S. Still Lags in Mobile TV


This is nothing new to anyone who has been following the industry, but MocoNews reports that the mobile TV situation in America is still the same: stagnant. At a mobile entertainment side expo at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nielsen Mobile VP Jeff Herrmann said that while not many countries outside Asia are using it in a big way, proportionally fewer Americans are watching mobile TV than anywhere else surveyed.

“Why doesn’t their voracious appetite for media translate to mobile video?” Herrmann asked, saying that only about two percent of subscribers use it on average. “There’s a gap of about 10 million individuals that pay for a mobile video subscription yet don’t use it.”

Herrmann laid the blame squarely on the handsets. “The US is lagging the rest of western Europe in video usage. Only 36 percent of devices in the US are capable of receiving mobile video.”

We’d hazard another guess and add that the channel selection is too limited, most of it isn’t live and instead is prepackaged clips heavily laden with advertising, and it’s too hard to even start watching it in the first place. This author has a loaner MobiTV-equipped phone on hand. Through no fault of MobiTV, it takes almost a minute of menu-surfing and clicking to find the icon and fire it up.

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