U.S. News Laying Off

Some tips we’ve received recently:

  • where’s the news about the usnews layoffs?

  • A massive layoff is occurring at US News & World Report today

  • Layoffs at U.S. News

Naturally, U.S. News wasn’t commenting. A spokeperson told us that they won’t comment on internal personnel matters (aw, that’s no fun…).

And now the NYPost gets the scoop:

    About a half dozen editorial people from the headquarters in Washington D.C. were cut yesterday, sources told The Post. At least one editorial person was axed in the New York office a week earlier.

    Another reliable industry source said that six other people on the business side were cut earlier in the week. “They are doing it in waves for some reason,” said the source.

    Over the past five years, U.S. News has probably downsized its editorial staff by one-third, said one D.C.-area source.