TYT Network Partners With The Bill Press Show

TYT expands its Washington presence.

TYT Network, the progressive digital network that is the home of flagship digital show The Young Turks, adds The Bill Press Show as a network partner.

“TYT Network is delighted to have the powerful progressive voice of Bill Press join our network,” said chief business officer Steve Oh in a statement. “Bill has a longstanding record of fighting for equal rights and social justice on television and radio. We look forward to working with him to take that fight to digital platforms.”

The Bill Press Show is a daily digital talk show that broadcasts from Capitol Hill from 6 to 9 a.m. ET.

The deal represents TYT Network’s second offering in Washington; the first is The Richard Fowler Show. Under the terms of the partnership, TYT and The Bill Press Show will work together on business and editorial initiatives. The network and show will collaborate on marketing in Washington and work together on future show segments and interviews.

“It’s more important than ever that we take every advantage of every opportunity to broadcast our message far and wide, which is why we’re so excited to announce today that, as of today, the Bill Press Show is joining the great Young Turks Network, which is the loudest, the biggest, and the best network of progressive shows in this country,” announced Press at the end of today’s show. “We’re so excited to become the newest network partner of The Young Turks Network. I’ve admired their work and the work of Cenk Uygur for a long, long, long time. Now we’re part of it.”