Tyra Jumps to CW

tyra-beyonce-400_X_477.gifPretty soon, The CW might be the only station worth watching, unnecessary articles and all. The network already boasts Gossip Girls and now it’s getting The Tyra Banks Show, too.

Starting in September, TTBS will air every afternoon in a two-hour block(!) with a “best of” rerun (aren’t they all “best of”?) from 3 p.m.-4 p.m. and a new show from 4 p.m.-5 p.m. In an effort to save costs, the show will switch from a 34-week production schedule to a 26-week one.

Tyra got her start as a television star on The CW, staring in America’s Next Top Model, which recently finished its 11th season.

Getting the axe are Judge Jeanine Pirro and repeats of The Wayans Bros. and The Jamie Foxx Show. JJP will be offered for syndication starting in the fall.

Some people, however, aren’t exactly pleased with the change.

“I find it frustrating that I’m learning about these decisions from the trades and other syndicators instead of from Warner Bros,” Sean Compton, senior vice president of programming and entertainment for Tribune Broadcasting, The CW’s largest station group, said.

Whatever dude, suck it up. This is TYRA!