TWT Scores Air-Time via CBS News Partnership

Yesterday was a big day for the Washington Times. First, the paper got a plug from a very unlikely source – Nancy Pelosi. Then, they scored big by partnering with CBS News on a made-for-TV version of Amanda Carpenter’s investigative piece about Legal Services Corp.

A quick visit to today offers a fresh TWT story filed under the “CBS Investigates” section of the site. Could a second day of “TWT for CBS” signal a tighter partnership than conveyed in Solomon’s staff memo about the deal?

Last night’s joint video venture below and John Solomon’s memo to staff after the jump.

Watch CBS Videos Online


If you get a chance, please tune into the 6:30 pm CBS Evening News with Katie Couric tonight to watch the network’s version of our Legal Services Corp. investigative story this morning. As part of a nascent partnership with CBS on investigative reporting, Amanda Carpenter worked directly with producer Chris Scholl and correspondent Cheryl Atkinson on the project so that TV could do its own version based on our documents. The Times will be credited at the outset of the broadcast.

Please join me in congratulating Amanda for her great work and celebrating the continued national exposure and impact your good reporting every day is generating in the news marketplace.