TWT Owes State Dept. $15,000 and Arranges to Pay

Foreign Policy Magazine‘s “The Cable” Blog, in a story by Josh Rogin, is reporting this afternoon that TWT owes the State Department $15,000 in fees. TWT says it is already taking steps to pay its bills.

TWT Editor Sam Dealey told FishbowlDC: “This just came to our attention and we are making arrangements with State to settle this account immediately. I guess the only remaining issue is whether Jack Lew will pay back the taxpayers for his million-dollar bailout-bonus from Citibank.

“It’s some pretty sloppy reporting. Rogin told me, for instance, that it was an Obama/Lew loyalist who fed him this story. That seems pretty relevant. And if Rogin would return phone calls and emails he’d know that we’ve already made arrangements to pay this off. But that wouldn’t help his story either. This kind of nonsense wouldn’t fly in my newsroom.”

Rogin maintains he gave Dealey and other TWT employees in the story ample time to respond to the information he had gathered. He had no comment beyond what his story reports. Update: Rogin said he in no way identified his source to Dealey in any of what he said were several interactions by e-mail and phone he had with him before publishing the story.

The Lew reference comes from TWT‘s recent series regarding Lew’s disclosure of a $1 million bonus from Citigroup, and an anonymous State Department official’s insinuation to The Cable that the issue of unpaid bills is ironic considering the paper’s coverage of Lew. Lew received the bonus shortly before joining the Obama Administration.

The Cable story claims that Nicholas Kralev, the recently departed State Department correspondent whose position was eliminated, said he submitted billing statements but could not get TWT management to pay them.

While Kralev claims to The Cable that TWT probably doesn’t have the money to pay such bills, Dealey denies it and reiterates that funds are being sent to the State Department.