TWT Gets Amnesia, Forgets Editor Already Returned

Whoever writes TWT‘s press releases must be fighting with the others tasked with writing TWT press releases. And if it’s the same person? Better get him or her a hypnotist and fast because memory appears to be a major problem here.

The first line of one of their three releases Monday states, “The Washington Times announced Monday that award-winning investigative journalist John Solomon is returning after a hiatus of more than 3½ years to oversee the newspaper’s content, digital and business strategies.”

Let’s edit this for facts, shall we?

According to newsroom sources who worked alongside Solomon at the time, he was back in building last year as a contractor. And in the beginning of 2013, head honchos, upon laying off some 25 employees, announced his new role as Chief Digital Officer. But oddly, a release from CEO Larry Beasley (a.k.a. “Evil Santa”) has him as a consultant for the “last several months.” So, to recap, if this release is to be believed, as quoted on the the front page of this post, Solomon’s been on hiatus this entire time even while working or pseudo-working at TWT? What is he, a ghost? Another release has him coming back after four years, which we won’t squabble with this since 3.5 and 4 are damn close. But really, is no one there reading these releases to one another? Anyone have a speaker phone? A soup can?

Monday’s release (at least one of ’em) goes on to say TWT has reached an agreement to purchase Solomon’s Washington Guardian, which may be a relief because now Solomon can hopefully take off his ghost costume and admit that he actually works for TWT. You know, as in not on hiatus.