Two Towers is Playable in Three Languages

Two Towers 双塔 by coozymedia is the first bilingual application I’ve played, and hopefully a sign that foreign developers are taking more interest in Facebook.

Two Towers is a head-to-head numbers strategy game. Each segment of your tower has a number, and your goal is to make the numbers go from lowest to highest from the top to the bottom. Each turn, you have ten seconds to switch the number in the random player square with one of your segments. The first one to get their tower correctly aligned wins.

It’s immediately clear that there are some flaws with this game. The English tutorial isn’t translated very well, and is rather brief in its explanation of how to play. The Flash animation is adorable, but I was pretty confused what was going on the first few rounds. Just starting the game is a challenge due to the reliance on other players.

The interface for duels is confusing at best. There are three different mountain ranges to play in that are divided up according to their difficulty, but once you select one, you’re whisked away to a room to find opposing players, of which I could find almost none. I know this game has some popularity and some players, but I’ve had difficulty proving that.

Still, I give the developers props for the application being playable in three languages. The animation is great, the turn-based head-to-head gameplay is a great social element (when it works), and the challenging elements of the gameplay ensure replayability. The game is obviously in its beginning stages, and hopefully more players and their active input will result in a more streamlined finished product.

Gameplay: 6

Developers: 5

Potential: 7