Twitter’s Photo Sharing Service Is Now Available To Everyone

Although it was officially launched in June, Twitter’s photo-sharing service – called Twitter Images – hasn’t been available to all users. Until today.

As the company likes to do, Twitter rolled out this new feature slowly, bringing photo sharing and uploading to users in batches. But today, according to reports from TechCrunch, all users can upload and share their photos right from

TechCrunch cites Twitter’s PR representative Sean Garrett (@SG) as confirming the roll out of their official photo sharing service to all users late last night.

If you haven’t yet logged on to Twitter to try out this new feature, you’ll be alerted to the new functionality by this little dialog window, which includes a “Learn More” link to a Twitter help article about uploading and sharing photos:

Every time you send a tweet from now, you’ll be given the option to attach an image. Simply click the camera icon beneath the status box to the far left, and choose an image from your computer that is 3 MB or less.

Photos that you upload using this feature will be visible as an embedded image for anyone who follows you, and a “Click to display media” message for anyone who doesn’t. They’ll be hosted on Photobucket.

And, TechCrunch reports, Twitter will soon be launching Galleries, a way to group together all pictures that you upload, similar to current Twitter photo sharing apps like Twitpic.

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