Twitter’s Biz Stone Launches Tech-Based Nonprofit

ConvergeUS, a US nonprofit designed to leverage the tech industry to promote growth and innovation in the social sector, was launched Wednesday by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and TechNet’s President and CEO Rey Ramsey. This new tech-based nonprofit will work with government, entities, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and the private sector to improve social conditions in the US.

One of the goals of ConvergeUS is to create a “Technology Innovation Blueprint” for using technology and social media to push forward social change.

Stone, one of the partners launching this new nonprofit, believes that while Twitter helps improve communication and transparency, there are a plethora of other technologies that can be used for social good:

“The open exchange of information can have a positive global impact but we have only begun to scratch the surface in harnessing technology to address tough social challenges. A more coordinated approach to the way we work together in technology will lead to significant accomplishments on a truly amazing scale. That is what ConvergeUS will help us do.”

ConvergeUS will focus on early childhood education and families as causes it hopes to help. It has partnered with the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, a nonprofit dedicated to improving reading levels, and the Silicon Valley Education Foundation which focuses on improving children’s skills in math and science.

ConvergeUS has also named Babson College one of its academic partners.

The nonprofit will begin to host its annual summit in the fall of 2011, bringing together innovators from the tech industry and the nonprofit sector. It also plans to create an online clearinghouse for tech innovators to exchange ideas and information. And finally, ConvergeUS will establish social innovation technology projects to meet the needs of children and families in the US.