Twitter Users Shared 58.4 Million Photos In December [STATS]

With the news that Twitter would begin hosting its own photos, it’s no surprise that photo sharing really took off last year – but just how much might surprise you.

Twitter announced that it would provide a photo hosting service to anyone using its service back in June of 2011, and by August it was available to everyone. And in just about four and a half months, Twitter itself became the largest photo sharing service out there, surpassing TwitPic, Yfrog and all of the other third-party services that has predated it.

All Things D got its hands on some pretty cool stats related to photo sharing on Twitter in 2011.

They asked real-time search engine Topsy to pull numbers about photo sharing on Twitter from the past year. Twitter users shared 58.4 million photos in December, and the number of photos shared grew 421 percent over the course of the year.

If you take a look at the chart they put together below illustrating this growth, you’ll see that Twitter’s photo sharing service started in August and really took off in September.

That massive growth from September to December is all thanks to Twitter’s internal photo sharing – the ease with which users can now share photos in their tweets is no doubt a big part of the reason behind the spike.

And as All Things D points out, the growth in photo sharing likely outpaced Twitter user growth by quite a lot, indicating that users are sharing more photos, rather than simply more users inflating the stats.

As it becomes easier to snap a photo with your smartphone and attach it to a tweet to send within a few seconds, you can bet that Twitter will see even higher growth in its photo sharing service in 2012.

(Top image: sint via Shutterstock)