What’s Your Twitter Tipping Point?

Stephanie Jonasson asked me:


Stephanie has about 50 people who follow her. I replied that she was doing the right things, but that she needed more followers. If she continued to engage as she had, once she had built her network, once she’d passed her tipping point, the conversations would come.

The tipping point on Twitter is the moment when your network reaches critical mass. Suddenly, you have all the attention you can handle. Your questions are being answered, your content is being re-tweeted, and your @replies column is a mile long.

The tipping point is different for all of us, and very much depends on who you are, and the things that you do. Celebrities tip on social networks almost immediately – particularly if they’re verified by another famous person. Brands expedite their tip point by throwing millions of dollars at it.

For the rest of us, it takes some work. It pays to remember the ‘five Bs’:

  1. Be yourself – you’re building a reputation here. Yours
  2. Be interesting – look for and share relevant and unique content and links
  3. Be consistent – don’t be a crazy comedian one day and a manic depressive the next
  4. Be useful – don’t just ask questions: answer them
  5. Be grateful – when somebody has helped you out, publically thank them

Your tipping point isn’t a predictable number. It just happens, all of a sudden. It’s right there, for everybody, but you have to put in the effort. Engage with others and they will engage with you. Maybe you could start with Stephanie?