Twitter Study Finds Nook Gaining In Popularity

The Nook is gaining in popularity, according to a new study from social media monitoring firm Crimson Hexagon. The company has been studying Twitter conversations surrounding eReaders, specifically looking at consumer satisfaction and in their most recent study, the company found Nook owners on Twitter to be quite satisfied.

The study looked at user responses to the Kindle, the iPad, the Nook and the Nook Color in the mix. According to the study, all of the devices had predominantly positive conversations surrounding it, except the iPad.

The Crimson Hexagon blog has more: “Since our previous study, the iPad has continued to receive less favorable sentiment as an e-reader due to its glossy LCD display (less optimal for reading) and large size, though it is differentiated by its versatility as a tablet computer.  Perception of the Kindle has remained relatively steady as well, with a slight increase in conversation about affordability from 11% to 14%, possibly due to price reductions implemented over the summer in response to competition from the Nook.”

The study found that the Nook Color is gaining in popularity as well. “The NookTwitter conversation also reveals that the Nook Color, while still very new, is already establishing a unique place for itself in the e-reader market,” said the Crimson Hexagon blog. “Twitter users clearly appreciate these advantages, showing 15% positive perception of the Nook Color’s display, compared to 10% for the standard Nook and just 8% for the Kindle.”

But the color screen is not without its criticism. The blog explains: “As with the iPad, the Nook Color’s LCD screen is less optimal for heavy reading or outdoor use, a shortcoming which is reflected by 13% negative sentiment regarding its display.”