Twitter + Social Gaming = Twoof

Twoof LogoSocial network users should be familiar with Twitter, and most likely already have an account. However, for those that might have been living under a rock lately, Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that lets users send and receive other users’ updates and displays them on said user’s profile page.

The sharing concept of Twitter is what Twoof expands upon, and rather than simply dealing with 140 word text-based posts, this website connects Twitter friends via Flash-based games. The site works similarly to most other social/casual gaming sites, but rather than creating a whole new social system, it connects various Twitter users together with its social gaming experience.

TwoofAll you have to do to join is log in with your Twitter account, and you are good to go. From Twoof you can share the games you play, as well as play against your friends, followers, and even your followees instantly. Furthermore, the games are pretty fun to play and range from casual puzzle games to simple shooters. The site certainly has something entertaining for any palette, and if there just happens to be nothing of interest amongst the free games (which is unlikely), you can always purchase new games via the iTunes store from the home page.

As with most other social gaming sites, Twoof also incorporates leaderboards for each game as well as overall in the form of “Top Twoofers” (say that five times fast), which you can “tweet” or “follow” directly from the site itself.

Overall, the site in general is very easy to use (though a search engine wouldn’t hurt) and really is a great companion for any Twitter user. The only real downside is the amount of productive time that will be lost through some of these games, but such is the price for quality.