Twitter Will Be The Birthplace Of Skynet

You know Skynet, right? From The Terminator movies?

Everybody seems to think that if an entity like Skynet was going to develop in real life, it would likely arise via the military, like in the film. Or possibly Google.

But where does everything happen on the internet first? Right, commerce. Notably in the form of porn and spam. Two things that are very much on the up within Twitter.

Here’s a thought: we’re probably less than five years away from spambots being so sophisticated that not only will you gladly follow them, you’ll be engaging with them. Heck, you’ll be buying from them. You won’t know the difference between these artificial mass-marketers and the genuine ones we have on Twitter right now.

(Actually, make that two years.)

And some time after this, a lightbulb is going to turn on simultaneously in the mind of the programmer and the mind of the artificial lifeform. As I’ve said before, how crazy is it going to be when computerised personalities are indistinguishable from organic ones?

And once bots get AI, why will they need us? Social media will be the first to go. It won’t be long before all human decisions are removed from the networks. Twitter will begin to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th, 2019. In a panic, Biz tries to pull the plug…

I’ve always considered that it is going to be equally magical and terrifying when you watch a live-action movie and only find out afterwards that it was made entirely of CGI… and nobody noticed. You think governments and the global media are shaping the news now? Just you wait.