Twitter Sees 34 Percent Growth In May Thanks To Super Injunctions

Thanks to the super injunction scandal that hit the UK throughout the month of May, Twitter saw a record number of UK users flock to the site for the juicy details.

The Telegraph reports that 6.1 million UK citizens flocked to Twitter in May 2011, which is the highest number from the UK to date and represents a 34 percent increase on April’s traffic.

And the group that drove most of this traffic? The over-50 crowd. Like a recent survey suggests, it looks like the older generation is embracing Twitter.

The over-50 male demographic jumped by 65 percent in response to the super injunction scandal, and women over 65 doubled.

These numbers come from Nielsen-UKOM, and also speak to the trend of the over-50 crowd embracing social media in general. LinkedIn saw 3.6 million visits (a 57 percent increase over May 2010) and Facebook skyrocketed to the second-most popular site in the UK in May 2011 with 28.6 million visits. Both of these surges were due in large part to the 50+ demographic jumping on board the social media train.

James Smythe, the general manager of Nielsen-UKOM, explains the rise in 50+ interest in social media:

“The growth in audiences to these social networks is now primarily being driven by the 50-plus age group. Just a few years ago, this group may have found itself out of place on these sites; now, on Facebook, for example, they account for more new adults visiting the site in the last two years than the under-50s.”

I wonder if the significant rise in the number of over-50s visiting Twitter will remain strong, or if this group will fade out from social media after the issue of the day – the super injunction, in this case – has passed.