Twitter Scores During Super Bowl XLV

Last year, between 40 and 50 percent of all tweets during the height of the Super Bowl were related to the game. And this year Twitter will capitalize on this huge fan base by offering Super Bowl fans a new way to join in on the game-day excitement. Partnering with the Super Bowl and Visa, Twitter is creating an all-in-one location for the best of Super Bowl tweets from the fans, the players, the coaches and the commentators. So take off those foam fingers from time-to-time and get tweeting.

Fans can Go Inside the Super Bowl with Visa to gain access to exclusive, official Super Bowl content from Twitter. The site will host tweets covering all aspects of the game, including tweets from sports journalists, NFL executives and players, those directed to @NFL, @packers and @steelers, and much more.

Besides staying up-to-date on all the commentary surrounding the game, fans can get in on the action themselves. They can send tweets to players directly by simply clicking on the pictures, or tag their tweets with #SB45, the official hashtag of Super Bowl XLV.

Visa will be running a parallel campaign on Twitter to raise awareness about the Super Bowl Twitter portal, using Promoted Tweets and Trends to get the message out to as many Super Bowl fans as possible. Today, for instance, you may have noticed the first of its Promoted Trends, “Go Inside SBXLV“.

If you’re looking for a way to watch the game and be immersed in commentary from everyone from the players to the media, “Go Inside the Super Bowl” is one to bookmark.