8 Twitter Reactions to Keith Olbermann’s Abrupt Departure from MSNBC

The sometimes-blasted, sometimes-praised left-wing host of MSNBC’s most popular show abruptly signed off for the last time on Friday, but Keith Olbermann isn’t gone for good – at least not on Twitter. The former host of Countdown has been actively changing his Twitter bio after leaving MSNBC late last week, and, although he hasn’t posted any new tweets himself, the Twitterverse is exploding with comments from his supporters, his critics and all those in between.

Olbermann has been leaving cryptic messages for his followers on his Twitter bio this weekend, but hasn’t tweeted a thing since he quit Countdown. In addition to his bio advertising that he will get back into sports blogging in early February, Olbermann left variations of “WATCHTHISSPACE” and “W A T C H__________T H I S__________S P A C E” for his followers to puzzle over.

While we can’t be sure what this, or his current message (“You might very well think so; I could not possibly comment.”) might signify, it’s clear there’s some pretty interesting stuff up this liberal superstar’s sleeve.

We’ll leave it to the Twitterverse to piece together just why Olbermann left, what repercussions this will have, and what he might be up to next:

I’m with Olbermann

It worked for Conan, so why not Olbermann? We wonder if he’ll come back with a bang if there’s enough support behind him.


It’s not going to be easy to wean yourself off of Countdown if you’re a regular viewer… the top 5 stories of the day, the worst people, impassioned rhetoric…

A little too much information

Some people will miss his left-leaning viewpoint, while others will miss him for entirely different reasons…


No point in trying to guess what’s next for Olbermann, if no one cares.

Getting to them early

Are you implying Olbermann’s viewership was young?

A personal request

It’s not easy being a poor student… but we suspect being a super-rich ex-TV superstar comes with its own bag of troubles.

The end of an era

Some see his departure as a graceful exit.


While others can’t wait to see the door hit him on his way out.