Twitter Prepares for WWDC

Year after year, Twitter has gone down on the day of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Well, at least for the past two years that the site has been around during the Apple conference. It happens to be one of the most buzzed about events in the industry. Considering the buzz surrounding the expected iPhone announcement this afternoon, we can expect Twitter to go into overload as usual.

As such, the company has posted that they are prepared for the event, taking the proper precautions including an increase in their memcache usage and the addition of more read-slave servers. I’m not sure if accessing Twitter was the problem or if updates were the biggest issue but the company believes that they are now prepared for an onslaught of site requests.

Twitter consistently has downtime and as such many users have begun switching to competing services. I for one have found myself using Plurk with increasing frequency. The real question is if their preparations are going to stop people from moving to other services at this point. Can Twitter have days of downtime and be up for one day and expect the users to suddenly be satisfied?