Twitter’s Stellar 2012 Performance In Mexico Eclipsed In 2013 By Facebook And LinkedIn

According to eMarketer, an impressive 69% of teen social network users in Mexico subscribed to Twitter in 2012.

But for 2013, the picture’s not looking so rosy.

According to comScore’s August 2013 report “Futuro Digital México 2013 y Tendencias de Medición,” which surveyed users ages 6 and up from both home and work locations but excluding mobile, as of June of this year LinkedIn had eclipsed Twitter as the second most popular social network in Mexico, and Facebook had solidified its lead in first.

Not only did Twitter lose some of its market penetration to LinkedIn, but Latvian social media property registered an annual 5,056% increase to reach 2.7 million unique visitors in Mexico in June 2013, while Tumblr also expanded at an 80% rate to reach 2.4 million users during that period.

Overall, eMarketer predicts there will be 38.4 million social network users in Mexico in 2013, a 20.6% increase over 2012.

(Source: eMarketer. Mexican thumbs down image via Shutterstock.)