Twitter Measures Global Reaction to President’s Speech on Syria

Twitter measures the world's reaction to President Obama's prime time speech on Syria.

Before a word was uttered, pundits, politicos and casual observers were taking to social media to weigh in on President Obama’s proposed strike on Syria as he made his case with Congress and the American people.

Twitter’s official blog and @TwitterGov captured the world’s reaction to President Obama’s speech and released this interactive chart made with CartoDB geotags tweets marking reaction to the prime time speech on Syria.

The hottest spots for retweets–based on the size of the circle–appear in the U.S., parts of Western Europe, the Middle East and areas of South America, including Brazil.

The White House tweeted lines from the speech during the address and staffers even tweeted “tune-in” messages prior to 9 p.m start.

“I will not put American boots on the ground in #Syria,” was the line from the speech that received the most retweets, according to this graphic produced by Twitter.

Twitter also monitored the tweets per minute for key terms, and not surprisingly, “Syria” hit a peak of about 11,498 tweets per minute just as the speech was wrapping up.

The Twitter blog mentions how Members of Congress, who were expected to vote this week on whether or not to hit Syria with a military strike, reacted.

@RepScottPerry and @treyradel used Vine videos to let their voters in on their thought process:

And those members who came to a decision said so on Twitter.

Readers, did you use social media to react to President Obama’s speech on Syria?