Twitter Makes Debut Appearance at NPC Luncheon

Twitter’s got power.

This morning C-SPAN 3 aired last month’s National Press Club (NPC) luncheon with Chick-fil-A-Founder and Chairman Truett Cathy and Chick-fil-A President and CEO Dan Cathy. The Cathy’s spoke of the continued success of their chicken business when suddenly Twitter showed up.

NPC fielded its first question ever from Twitter that day.
And it was embarrassing. The Twitterer wanted to know why the Chic-fil-A stuffed animal cows had a blatant misspelling across their chests. The cow’s shirt read: “Eat Mor Chikin'”.

The question, read by NPC President Donna Leinwand: “Somebody from Twitter wants to know why you taught your cows to write but why you didn’t teach them to spell correctly.”

Dan Cathy took the Twitterer’s question in stride, saying, “These cows are so inspired to get this message out they must have been skippin’ school. They [the cows] are literacy challenged. We’re gonna keep this cow campaign going and we gonna milk it until the cows come home.”