Twitter Launches Certified Products Program, Detailing Requirements Developers Would Have Appreciated Last Year

Twitter is looking “for products that extend Twitter’s reach and enable businesses to be more successful on Twitter.”

This comes after alienating many developers that extended Twitter’s reach and enabled businesses to be more successful online. Note the distinction.

The Twitter Certified Products Program launched today. And according to the blog post announcing the launch, Twitter hopes “to bring some of the most innovative products and services from Twitter developers to businesses and organizations that need them most.”

Thanks to the Twitter ecosystem, brands, publishers, nonprofits, governments and others have products that help them engage with and understand their audience so they can flourish on Twitter.

And they’ve identified three verticals where they see huge demand for innovation on Twitter’s platform: Engagement ProductsAnalytics Products, and Data Reseller Products.

Sound like a good fit for your app? Hold your horses there, speedy. There are a LOT of guidelines and rules to follow, including these:

And above all, Twitter wants developers to “Be a Good Partner:”

Twitter looks for partners with products that enable businesses to be more successful on the platform. We aim to certify the products and services that make Twitter more valuable to businesses, encourage their use of Twitter, and bring Twitter to new users.

And here are some general guidelines elaborating on the “good partner” idea a bit further:

  • Make Twitter more valuable to businesses and solve a need that Twitter does not address
  • Help bring Twitter to new or underserved markets
  • Twitter is a core part of your product and you make use of all applicable APIs and features
  • Integrations behave as consistently as possible with Twitter’s own products
  • Encourage meaningful engagement with the Twitter network
  • You are working on an opportunity with significant impact
  • Use Twitter Platform products rather than creating similar products

More specific Attribution Guidelines can be found here and specific requirements for each of the three verticals defined above (engagement, analytics, data resellers) can be found here.

On the Verticals Requirements page, Twitter also shares “example functionality to indicate features that businesses and Twitter find interesting.” And developers participating in this program should be sure to check the page often, because “As new opportunities surface, we’ll continue to add new areas to these definitions.”

So if your program meets all of the relevant requirements, then head to the Program Application to let Twitter know you’re interested. But understand that although “not every applicant may be a fit, we are very interested to learn more about your products [!] and will get back to each application as soon as we can.”

Does this feel like bad timing to anyone else?

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