Twitter Hires Biz Dev Guy: Biz Model Up Next?

-Twitter Logo-It’s no small secret that Twitter is in need of a business model, and the company has hinted several times in the past few weeks that a goal for 2009 is to present a viable and sustainable business model for the microblogging platform. So a month after posting a job listing saying that it was looking for “someone who knew business,” Twitter has hired Kevin Thau as its director of mobile business development.

That’s biz dev, as in someone that’s going to handle much of the direct interaction the company has with other businesses and individuals, and I’m sure Thau will be using Twitter on this front as well. As noted by CNET, Thau has been an active user since early March of last year, and has worked at a number of technology companies including Buzzwire and Openwave.

The mobile experience is especially key for Thau’s purpose at Twitter, given Twitter’s readily accessible microblogging platform that’s all but designed for mobile use. Twitter access via mobile devices is also heavily tied into global growth for the company, as many users in other countries rely on their mobile phones for Twitter interaction.

And given the thousands of applications that have been built up around Twitter, it’s no surprise that the company is being sought after for partnership opportunities with other companies. Dealing with these pitches isn’t something Thau will be handling in his new position, but it’s yet another area Twitter is looking to fill at its office. We’ve seen potential for partnerships with Twitter during election season, but nothing concrete ever came about. Now that Twitter has started what could be a hiring spree, we may see some interesting and money-making partnerships finally come about.