Twitter Is After And Domain Names

Twitter is getting serious about its branding. According to reports from TechCrunch, the company is hunting down a handful of domains that threaten its good name.

TechCrunch got hold of several documents of Twitter filing for a variety of domain names in recent days.

Just last week, Twitter filed a complaint requesting (note the extra “t”) be handed over. And it looks like the company is now after (without the “e”).

If you visit both of those pages now, they don’t lead to much. is full of ads, while is perhaps more nefariously skinned to look like YouTube (not sure why), and offers visitors the chance to fill out a quiz and “win a Macbook Air, Apple iPhone 4 or iPad 2”.

This is clearly part of a larger plan on Twitter’s part: to buy up all domain names related to its network.

In July, Twitter filed a dispute over the domain name (just one “t”), which had, at the time, been designed to look exactly like Interestingly, it now redirects to the same YouTube-like quiz page that leads to.

And one month earlier, in June, Twitter gained the rights to, announcing then that the acquisition was part of their “routine brand protection strategy”.

It’s likely that all of these more recent domain name battles are also part of this brand protection. Twitter appears to be gathering all potential misspellings and associated words to cast a wider net when visitors make a typo or mistake in their address bar. It also doesn’t hurt to sweep away the spammy-looking sites that seem to pop up around all of these pseudo-Twitter domains.

(Image: Jakub Krechowicz via Shutterstock; Hat tip: TechCrunch)