Twitter Invited To Give Evidence To UK Privacy Committee

In response to growing concerns that laws haven’t caught up to technology, UK members of parliament will be meeting to discuss injunctions and privacy issues this fall. And they’re hoping Twitter will join them.

A parliamentary committee set up to examine injunctions – some of which are the center of an ongoing privacy debacle involving Twitter and its users – hopes to bring UK laws about privacy in line with what’s happening online.

And as the Independent reports, the committee head hopes Twitter will be there, too.

Conservative MP John Wittingdale was asked by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to establish this committee. When asked why he wanted to include Twitter in the political discussions, he responded:

“I would have thought we would certainly want to hear from Twitter. Twitter has an ethical policy and they respect laws in each jurisdiction so I thought they would want to come.”

This would be the first time Twitter would be called in to give evidence in the British parliament. As Twitter is a US company, UK politicians couldn’t force them to appear and give evidence pertaining to injunctions and privacy, but they will be sending a request in the hopes that Twitter complies willingly.

Companies like Facebook and Google have complied with similar requests and given evidence to committees in the past.