Twitter In-Stream Ad Ban Won’t Stop Kim Kardashian From Collecting $10k Per Tweet


Twitter announced yesterday that it would move to ban “in-stream ads” on the social network.

In a blog post, Twitter COO Dick Costolo said, “we will not allow any third party to inject paid tweets into a timeline on any service that leverages the Twitter API.”

So what does this mean for companies like, which connect advertisers with prominent Twitter users like Kim Kardashian, allowing advertisers to post messages in these power user’s stream for a fee?

It seems they could be fine. The key words in Costolo’s statement are: “that leverages the Twitter API.”

We reached out to to ask about the change, and they sent us the following response: supports Twitter’s movement today to create standards around in-stream advertising. Twitter’s changes are aimed at discouraging members of the ecosystem who do not maintain the proper balance of user experience and monetization and who are not invested in building long term value on the platform. Since inception, has, and still is operating under Twitter’s approved guidelines and terms of service for advertising on its platform. We look forward to continuing to create long term value for our advertisers and publishers, both of whom are key constituents in the stream ecosystem.

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