TwitRater Is HotOrNot For Twitter… A Little Harmless Fun?

TwitRaterLogo Have you ever tried HotOrNot? If you said no, you’re lying! Seriously though, HotOrNot was a key stepping stone towards social networks and was an important part of the evolution of the web, because it hinted at how the users could generate the content that other users wanted to see. That said, TwitRater, created by Andrew Olson, brings the formula to Twitter users’ photos. You simply browse the site and determine whether a given Twitter user is hot, on a scale from 1 to 10.

I’ll leave my moral objections to a small blurb at the end, but TwitRater accomplishes what it sets out to do and the experience is pretty smooth. You’re shown a list of photos, and alongside each one is a small ratings bar where you give the users a score ranging from 1 to 10. Simple stuff. The formula for who shows up on the front page is a bit of a mystery, but to the right there is a list of the hottest Twitter-ers.


Morally, the problem here is that users are being rated without having been asked to be rated, and that can be pretty brutal for users that are just looking to share a few thoughts on Twitter. That said, if you’re putting your personal photos on a public service like Twitter, you kind of have to be ready for this kind of judgement. In any case, it is different from HotOrNot, because at that site, users post their own photos willingly.

Do you think there’s a moral issue with services like TwitRater? Check it out here to give it a shot.