Twitter May Not Be Able To Protect You From Governments, But They’re Trying To Keep Hackers Away

You’re probably disappointed in Twitter right now after learning they gave up their battle to protect a user’s tweets from the U.S. government . . . but buck up buttercup, Twitter does love you – it just shows it in funny ways.

Take its latest hire for instance – a big name hacker who (it is presumed) is there to make sure other hackers can’t wreak too much havok on Twitter.

According to Forbes, Twitter just hired elite Apple hacker Charlie Miller to beef up its security team. And this tweet from Miller confirms it!


Miller, you may or may not know, is “one of the world’s most visible white-hat hackers with National Security Agency training and a history of producing some of the security industry’s most flashy and ground-breaking exploits that target iOS, Mac OSX and Android devices.”

He is leaving a position at a place called Accuvant, where he is spending his last day responding to good natured ribbing on Twitter. But we suppose that’s typical of anyone’s last day, right? And who is going to give the master hacker grief about it? “Not I,” said the smart supervisor (we imagine).

Forbes contacted Miller for further info about his new gig, but he was tight-lipped.

He wouldn’t even name his title. But I’ve heard rumors since last winter that Twitter has sought to hire Miller as a full-time penetration tester to probe the service for hackable vulnerabilities and help fix them. Given his pedigree as an elite pen-tester for several security firms and a former “Global Exploitation Analyst” for the NSA, it’s likely his new job will involve playing that same role as a highly-skilled intrusion artist for Twitter’s security team.

So he’ll be attacking Twitter to prevent real attacks on Twitter that would, in turn, affect Twitter users! See, they DO love us. (Just accept it as a good thing and get back to tweeting.)

Does this new Twitter hire make you feel more secure?

(Hacker image from Shutterstock)


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