Twitter Shows 16% Growth In June; Friendfeed, Plurk Stumble, Facebook Closes In On Google

After showing only marginal growth in May, Twitter resumed its impressive upward run with a 16.57 per cent gain in unique visits for June to 22,997,148, and over 150 million visits overall (up 12.05 per cent).

Twitter Unique Visits

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Facebook was also solid, rising 8.45 per cent to 122,559,672 uniques, and +9.02 per cent in overall visits, which are now closing in on two billion. Indeed, Facebook’s growth rate is staggering – it’s rapidly gaining ground on Google.

Facebook, Google Unique Visits

Once-rival MySpace also grew, up 7.19 per cent to 60,973,908 uniques.

Friendfeed lost a little ground in uniques (-0.26 per cent), but dropped 20.26 per cent in overall visits.

Plurk lost 11.48 per cent of uniques and 12.68 per cent of overall visitors.

Twitter maintains its place as the #3 most popular social network behind Facebook, which would appear to be very much out of reach, and MySpace, whose uniques are now less than three times that of Twitter.

I’m not sure what the dip means for Friendfeed; if uniques are essentially flat but overall visits are down over one fifth, one can only assume that the core membership is using the service less frequently. Perhaps Twitter is picking up a little bit of that slack.

Plurk, meantime, increasingly appears to have peaked, and the service’s inability to maintain a steady growth rate suggests that, right now at least, it’s just Twitter and not micro-blogging per se that is on the rise.