Twitter & Google Team to Create Egypt News Tool

The Internet appears to be completely shut down in Egypt, but a new tool will let Egyptian writers tweet stories via telephone.

Twitter, Google and SayNow have created a new tool to help Egyptian voices be heard–Speak2Tweet. Thousands of readers are already following the inspiring voicemail messages. Check out this voicemail tweet from a 26-year-old software engineer to see how the service works. Alive in Egypt is translating some of the messages, an invaluable service.

Here’s more from our sibling blog, WebNewser: “The embattled Egyptian government may have shut down Internet access, but engineers from Twitter, Google, and voice-application provider SayNow teamed up on Speak2Tweet, which allows people in Egypt to leave voice mails at international phone numbers +16504194196, +390662207294, or +97316199855, which will then be converted to Tweets with the #egypt hashtag.”