Twitter Goes Head to Head With Digg.

You have seen it. You are reading an article on a website about something you find interesting and you see that little “digg this” button down at the bottom. Heck most of us bloggers put it on our own sites.

While many of us complain about the digg effect we often, in some deep self loathing section, hope something we post gets dugg. Sure it means a ton of one time visitors that will clog our tubes, but we all want to feel special.

Now I twitter, I love twitter, it is a fun and interesting way to interact with people around the world. Today while surfing the web I ran into a button that said “twit this”. Finding out where the button went I ended up at a website called The site does exactly what you think it does, makes it easy for you to tweet about a web page.

This concept both excited me and frighted me at the same time. Are websites now going to be competing for the twitter effect? Are we going to start spamming all our friends about random web pages via twitter? Is twitter about to be packaged and sold like digg?

The marketing side of me loved this idea, reach potentially thousands of people through some of their closest contacts. The twitter lover in me became scared, what if all I loved about twitter goes away. I am pretty sure that twitter won’t become as bad as digg, but who knows it could happen.

With this latest development are you scared of the direction twitter might take? Can you see people talking about the “twitter effect” in the future? Can twitter survive a mass flux of users? As we have seen, if usage goes up, twitter tends to go down.