Twitter Gets All Lovey-Dovey For Valentine’s Day

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day coming up on Monday, Twitter users are sending out the positive vibes into the Twittersphere today. Using the hashtag #LoveShout, they’re giving love to those closest to their hearts. Do you have any Twitter love to give this weekend? Why not join in the #LoveShout fest, or tweet #youknowiloveyouwhen to that special someone in your Twitter live?

The #LoveShout hashtag is a sponsored trend by AT&T, but that’s not stopping Twitter users from jumping on it and expressing their own ways of loving those around them.

Of course, a lot of tweeps are using this opportunity to share how much they love their followers:

While others are giving a very specific #LoveShout to those they love:

And some users are doing extraordinary things to declare their love today:

And while all of this mushy love is traveling around the Twittersphere, other Twitter users are getting in on the #youknowiloveyou trend to express even more oozy sentiments of love.

One of the top tweets of this trend today is an all-encompassing statement of what it means to love someone:

While other tweets are more specific in their explanations of what love is:

We understand that all of this love on Twitter can be a bit much for those who feel like they’re forever alone… but you’re got to remember that love comes in many forms, and if you’ve got even one follower you’re getting some love right there.

But, if that doesn’t do it for you, you can always read our post about why it’s better to be on Twitter than in a relationship. And smile, because if you’re not part of a couple this Valentine’s Day, Twitter is here to give you all the love you need.