Twitter + Friends = Sales

Graze have a simple premise: incredible food at your desk or home, from just £2.99 delivered.

I’m going to be honest with you – lately, I’ve been eating really poorly. This always happens when I start a new job. I focus on that 100 per cent, and my healthy eating habits disintegrate exponentially. I’ve been wanting to put that right.

Last week, at work, I noticed small, flat cardboard box on a colleague’s desk. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but later when I noticed a tweet she had written about Graze, I checked out their website. It looked interesting; more importantly, it looked like something I would be interested in.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered a friend talking about Graze. But who? I figured the smart thing to do was tap into my Twitter network, so I went ahead and asked them.

I got several responses, including the friend I couldn’t place, and more than one person was kind enough to offer me a voucher for my first order. (Thanks to Adam Strawson for helping out.)

Graze hadn’t been involved at all in that process – although I’m sure if I’d approached them directly on Twitter we could have worked something out – but I was already pretty excited. I placed my order, and things just got better. Thanks to the vouchers, the first delivery was entirely free, while the second was reduced to £1.49.

My package arrived this morning. Sitting on my desk in front of me are some beautiful red and white grapes, some lip-smacking Korean chilli rice crackers, and some delicious hazelnuts. It all comes with a nicely personalised note that welcomes you and includes all the nutritional information about the food.

My box from Graze

The best part? I now have some vouchers to share with my friends. Give me a shout if you want some.

The responses to my opening enquiry were overwhelming positive about Graze. You can’t buy this kind of PR – you do it simply by having a great product, and a great system. But what actually made the sale was Twitter itself. It put all the pieces together.

Without Twitter, it was nothing more than a cardboard box.

PS. For a limited time, if you enter this voucher code at Graze you can get your first box completely free, and your second half price: NVGF1CRN. Enjoy.