Twitter for Newsrooms Opens Doors to Media

Twitter is becoming a more and more important weapon in the arsenal of tools used by reporters, so Twitter Media announced the launch of Twitter for Newsrooms, a one-stop shop of resources to help the media use the 140-character service.

Twitter for Newsrooms is divided into four sections. #Report includes detailed information on how to search Twitter, how to find sources, and the use of the microblogging service on mobile devices. #Engage provides a glossary of key terms, a guide to effective tweeting, and ways to customize and brand Twitter profiles to make them more easy to discovery. #Publish offers tools to connect tweets to actions by readers, as well as Twitter’s official display guidelines for the on-air presentation of tweets, user names, and hashtags. And #Extra directs users to Twitter support forms, blogs, languages, and ecosystem partners.

Twitter said on the homepage for Twitter for Newsrooms:

We want to make our tools easier to use so you can focus on your job: finding sources, verifying facts, publishing stories, promoting your work and yourself –and doing all of it faster and faster all the time.

We know you come from different generations. Some are native to the pilcrow, others native to the hashtag. You began your careers in different media: radio, print, broadcast, online, and mobile. But you share a common bond: the desire to make a difference in the world, bringing reliable information to the communities you serve.

While this group is diverse, we think Twitter and #TfN can be a kind of common ground — and we know Twitter is a tool all journalists can use to find sources faster, tell stories better, and build a bigger audience for their work.