Twitter Firehose Adds Fuel to Salesforce’s Social Play

Radian6 analyzing 400 million-plus tweets daily

Salesforce isn't playing around when it comes to social. Just over a week after announcing that it's buying social marketing software company Buddy Media, the CRM giant inked a deal with Twitter to funnel the social network's firehose of 400 million-plus daily tweets into its social analytics arm Salesforce Radian6.

The deal means that Radian6 will be able to analyze all the public tweets posted so that Salesforce's more than 100,000 customers can keep an eye on what folks are saying about them. Beyond that, the deal will give the company's brands "opportunities for social enterprises to engage, solve problems, gain followers and build brand identity," said Salesforce Radian6 svp and gm Marcel LeBrun in a statement.

"Combining the power of Salesforce Radian6 with Twitter helps companies understand and respond to their customers as these conversations are happening," Jana Messerschmidt, Twitter's vp of business development, said in a statement.

Paired with the Buddy Media deal—and in light of Oracle's pick-up of Buddy Media rival Vitrue a few weeks ago—Salesforce's moves indicate how seriously enterprise companies are looking at social, and it's not just about counting likes or followers. At the time of the Buddy Media buy, LeBrun called CEOs' pivot on the importance of social "the biggest transition in 60 years" with a focus on engagement and connections rather than reach and impressions. "CRM has always been about customer data, and the social customer profile is at the center of all this," he told Adweek then. And Salesforce's CFO Graham Smith said the company's Marketing Cloud, comprising Radian6 and Buddy Media once that deal closes, can become a $1 billion business.