Twitter’s New Field Guide Explains API Basics And Then Some

Do you like birds? No, not just Twitter’s little blue bird and not Angry Birds (we already know you like those) – we mean real BIRDS. Do you like to find a nice spot to sit and silently watch birds do bird stuff in their natural habitats?

Neither do we. And fortunately, that is not a requirement to appreciate Twitter’s new field guide, released earlier today – though you should have at least a passing interest in the development side of the platform (or you may not find it very interesting).

And if you’re an Ornithologist you will appreciate it that much more as it pays homage to John James Audubon’sBirds of America.

Twitter’s new field guide of platform objects, released today, sets out to explain “the most frequently encountered wild objects on the platform.” And while the guide is  geared toward developers, it really tries to be accessible to folks from all levels of familiarity and experience who are getting started with the Twitter API.

The guide is broken into four sections: tweets, users, entities and places. Each section is then further broken down into field names, object types and descriptions, with examples. You’ll find lots of links to related API resources, as well as some field-specific common questions and links to answers. Overall, it appears to be a very well thought out guide (coming from someone with no coding experience).

There’s humor sprinkled throughout as well, of course – as we’ve come to expect from Twitter.

As the guide intro tells us, “like any ecosystem, the Twitter platform has a variety of flora and fauna.” It also has its own brand of humor.

Check it out and let us know if you find it helpful.

(Birdwatching picture from Shutterstock)